The Ugly Duckling

Canon EOS 350D with Industar-50-2 3.5/50mm

The Poor Man's Pancake Tessar

Industar-50-2 3.5/50 vs. Carl Zeiss Tessar 2.8/45

Veijo Vilva

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  • FOV corresponds to a 80mm lens on a 35mm camera
  • a Tessar derivative
  • rather sharp already wide open, sharp at f/5.6, very sharp at f/8
    although perhaps not as sharp as a Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58
    -- anyway, this is a much cheaper and smaller lens
  • very light at 65g
  • very cheap

  • the lens is mounted with an M42-to-EOS adapter
  • manual focus
  • AV (aperture priority) or M (manual)

Most photos at f/5.6

A 100% crop

A 100% crop



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