A Couple of 6x6 Folders

Veijo Vilva

Zeiss Ikon Ikonta B 521/16 with Novar Anastigmat 3.5/75 in Prontor S
and Balda Baldax with Schneider Xenar 4.5/75 in Compur (1933)

The Ikonta has a double exposure prevention mechanism. The red dot
near the shutter is the self-timer button. The red dot in front of the Baldax
shutter is the upper end of the only faintly visible shutter release lever.
The Prontor shutter is extremely quiet, even at the fastest speed.

The body size of the Ikonta is 137mm x 77/96mm x 35/45mm, the Baldax is
128mm x 75/100mm x 38/46mm. The opened depths are 98mm and 104mm.
The diminutive, non-folding viewfinder of the Baldax has parallax correction.

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