• the 4th generation ROBOT Camera, introduced in 1953
  • a rather heavy camera: 940g with Xenar 2.8/45
  • spring motor drive, up to 25 shots per winding (optimistic)
  • both single shot and burst mode at 4 shots/s,
    at least my copy slows down near the end of winding
  • the shutter is quiet but film advance is rather noisy
  • uses the standard 35 mm cartridge, not the "Type K" of Robot I
  • frame size: 24 mm x 24 mm, 55 shots on a 36 exp film
  • lenses: proprietary, Robot breech-lock mount
"The quality of its making and its heavy weight make it a weird crossing
between a camera, high quality watch-making and heavy artillery"
"One must hold this camera once in his life to understand
what a top precision camera can be."

At the mid upper edge of the back panel is the shutter release control switch:
Green = the shutter release is active, Red = locked, R = film rewind position.

The M contact still has a cover plug, but the X contact cover has been lost.

The mode selector has two positions, N = single shot, and S = burst mode.
The clockwork drive is wound by turning the key flap back and forth. There is
a foot which can be flipped out for balancing support on a table top.

Robot Royal uses a breech-lock
mounting system. The lens is
released by pushing in the small
button below the lens and turning
the lock lever clockwise until the
breech ring releases the lens.
Note the triple locking flanges
on the inside of the ring and on
the outside of the lens barrel.
The darker square with rounded
corners is the shutter.
The lever of the range finder is
visible under the red alignment
mark. The corresponding mark
on the lens is aligned with this
mark when inserting the lens.
The range finder guide spiral is
visible on the lens barrel between
the alignment dot and the focus
ring, which has three protruding
flaps to facilitate focusing.
When the film rewind knob is turned clockwise,
it will rise above the camera superstructure and
simultaneously push down the fork which grabs
the end of the film cassette axle.
Below: when the shutter release is locked,
the viewfinder ocular is covered with a red plate.

The camera utilises a special, light-tight take-up cassette.

Two Rangefinders

Robot Royal 24 with a 3.9/75 Tele-Xenar mounted and FED-2 with a 1.5/50 Jupiter-3
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