by Veijo Vilva

These are imaginary worlds with imaginary objects,
everything is computer generated on the basis of scripts,
everything except a few background photos.
For me, the challenge is not in designing a single scene which I then would hone to perfection. For me, preparing a scene isn't like painting or drawing but more akin to achitecture, interior design and perhaps industrial design. The final art consists of creative photography but without post-processing.
I'm creating a world, a microcosm, within which I can freely move around with my camera taking pictures from various angles without any changes in the design - except perhaps some minor refinements along the road. Unlike many other artists, I don't try to reproduce one of the main limitations of a real camera - the limited depth of field, the unavoidable focal blur. In my images the depth of field is always infinite, everything is in focus.
Some single images may be artistic, but for me they are more craft than art. The art, if any, is in the totality, in the microcosm and the objects therein. After creating a scene, there is always a journey of discovery.
The intended effect, the art,
can often only be conveyed with a whole set of images
as seen in many of the galleries.
Articles in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Ray tracing, POV-Ray

The Galleries

NB. I usually design for a final render size of 7620 x 5080 for photographic printing at 254 dpi ( 100 dots / cm ) so quite many of the images on these gallery pages have been scaled down and do not do full justice to the originals, which are larger and have a much higher pixel density revealing more details.
The Room June-August 2004
CD Cover Art
for Scott Ailing's Troika, May-June 2004
Virtual Sculpting
(A Wings3D exercise)
June 2004
The Abode of Grand Master Deep Ruby
November - December 2003
July - August 2003
Depths of Mind
June 2003
June 2003
April 2003
Arietta, C Major
(A Mindscape)
Oct 2002, May 2003
August 2002
(Images of a Dream World)
June 2002
June 2002
Chamber Music
June 2002
(test scenes)
The Harpichordium
used in the scenes
(pictures of the design)
June 2002


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