Some of my First Photos
with Zero 2000

Veijo Vilva

These photos are really wide angle: 97 degrees both horizontally and vertically,
116 degrees diagonally. The displayed image size is 960 x 960 pixels while
a wide-angle photo taken from the same position with a non-SLR digital
camera would only cover a segment of something like 400 x 300 pixels,
as indicated on this picture.

(Scanned with Epson Perfection 4990 Photo at 2400dpi, no USM during scanning.
Scaled down, unsharp masked and refocused with Gimp)

The B&W photos were taken on Agfa APX 100 film under rather unfavorable
conditions, but I just wanted to take a few photos as quickly as possible.
The right-hand side of the pics is slightly darker as a result of the working of
the manually operated, back-and-forth sliding shutter. The reciprocity failure
is more obvious with the APX100 than with the TMX100 used in the later tests.

NB. compare the perspective on these photos with the photos taken
with 50mm and 28mm lenses on 35mm cameras.

Helsinki Cathedral, Finland

(NB. here the film must have been somewhat slack)

Three Minutes on Sofia Street (note the disappearance of the passing tourists)

Havis Amanda

The Lawn

The color photos were taken on Kodak Gold 200 color negative film.

In the first photo, the near end of the film box is only about 30mm
from the camera (the width of the box is about 30mm), and the far end
of the window is about 1.5m from the camera. The box is resting on
a stack of CDs. The cameras in the photo are: a Minolta 110 Zoom SLR,
a Rolleiflex 2.8E (Zeiss Planar) TLR and a Praktica LLC 35mm SLR.
Note the absense of focal blur, there is only a slight uniform blur,
which doesn't much depend on the object distance.

Main Railway Station, Helsinki, Finland (75 seconds)


(notes about the amount of discernible detail)

University Library, Helsinki, Finland

Inside the Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland

Four Minutes in the Pub

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