Canon EOS 350D with Leitz Wetzlar Elmar-R 4/180

Left: Roughly equal in size, an Elmar-R 4/180 on the left, an Elmarit-R 2.8/135 on the right. The Elmar weighs about 180 g less than the Elmarit.

Below: The Elmar weighs only slightly more than a third of the rather massive Jupiter-6 2.8/180.

Veijo Vilva

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  • FOV corresponds to a 288mm lens on a 35mm camera

  • the lens is mounted with an Leica R-to-EOS adapter
  • manual focus
  • AV (aperture priority) or M (manual)


Note: All shots hand-held

6734 (full-size)

6735 (full-size)

6736 (full-size)

6737 (full-size)

6739 (full-size)




6744 (full-size)

6745 (full-size)

6747 (full-size)

6748 (full-size)

6749 (full-size)

6750 (full-size)

6753 (full-size, have a look at the reflections)

6755 (Quite nice bokeh)

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