Canon EOS 350D with Pentacon MC 2.8/29mm

Veijo Vilva

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  • FOV corresponds to a 45mm lens on a 35mm camera
  • reasonably sharp at f/8 but quite soft at the edges at f/2.8

  • the lens is mounted with an M42-to-EOS adapter
  • manual focus
  • AV (aperture priority) or M (manual)


  • my test procedure isn't very rigorous
  • bad results may be caused by bad focusing as manual focusing in dim lighting isn't any too easy when the DOF for this level of expected sharpness is just a few millimeters in either direction
  • the backs of the books aren't at exactly the same depth, the maximum difference is about one inch. Only a few books at the center and at the upper right-hand corner have been aligned - roughly.
  • the test only shows that the specific tested lens is at least as good as my results -- even that individual lens might be better, and others of the same make and model may be better or worse
  • anyhow, the equivalent magnification of the 100% crops is just plain sick, i.e. about 48x on a typical 17", 1024x768 CRT. Normally, 8x has been considered a reasonable maximum for critical sharpness from film. At 48x magnification, a 35mm film frame would be about 172cm (68") wide, and even a 1.6x crop factor dSLR frame would be 107cm (42") wide!

At f/8:

At f/8 everything is quite sharp, even at the edges. (Full-size)

A crop from the center at f/8:

A crop from the edge at f/8:

A center crop at full aperture (f/2.8):

At f/2.8 the result is acceptably sharp in the center but soft at the edges.

A crop from the edge at f/2.8:

Quite soft, a Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/28mm is somewhat sharper. It should be noted that the f/2.8 DOF at 1m is less than 10 mm for this kind of resolution so focusing is quite critical.



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